Plumbing Supplies in Westbury

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Plumbing Supplies in Westbury

Here at Davies of Westbury, we keep a large range of Plumbing supplies to suit your every need. We keep Water & Heating Pipe Fittings, Waste Pipe Fittings and much, much more!

Water & Heating Pipe Fittings

In stock we keep a large range of pipe fittings suitable for general water use, hot or cold, or heating pipe use. Here, we keep 3 types of fitting. Pushfit, Solder and Compression. We recommend Pushfit for the keen DIYer as it is the easiest to fit and is very reliable. However, if you prefer to use a spanner, then we keep compression fittings too. Finally, for the professional user, we keep solder fittings. We also keep blow torches, gas refils for blow torches, solder and flux. Also kept in stock, we have lengths of 15mm and 22mm diameter copper pipe.

Waste Pipe Fittings

Here at Davies, we keep plenty of fittings for waste and overflow pipes. If you are looking for large, soil pipe fittings, we keep those but also, the smaller version for coming out of the basin or sink. We also keep fittings for overflow pipes as well as lengths of pipe itself. All at very competitive prices.

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